June 12th Charter Download speeds and Why the bother.

Why should any of us care what are real download speed actually is, and why would it make any difference.   In our area Charter Communications is the only cable service?

Here is one WHY:   last night I downloaded the Amazon Cloud Player, which is just over  31 Mbytes in size.  It took 2 minutes and 8 seconds to complete.  Early this morning, I ran  the speedtest and it was close to 4oMbps.  I then downloaded that same file from Amazon, but this time IT ONLY TOOK TWELVE SECONDS.  That is 10 and 1/2 times FASTER.


(The 39.34 was this morning, while the 1.33 Mbps was what I was receiving while downloading the Amazon Cloud File, that evening)  So with the 1.33 number, yea I can function at that level,  as long as I do not, nor anyone else on my network,  does anything with the internet, and that includes using the VOIP phone.

That is why, I want, and you should want, to GET what you’re PAYING for.   Charter bombards the airwaves with this elusive 30Mbps number, over and over, and over, but in my real world that 30 exists only in my dreams.

Get what you pay for.   Run the Charter Speedtest,  during the evening hours, and send me your numbers in comments.

June 12th Download times and numbers:








Scott Von Holzen

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